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Who we are

In many ways, ORD Consultants are a diverse team; we have enjoyed successful careers in different functions and sectors, and have different cultural and educational backgrounds. What we do have in common is a shared belief that agility and responsiveness to change are key success factors for leaders and organisations in today’s world.

Our priority is to work ethically and professionally, with our client’s needs at the centre of what we do.

Clients benefit from our diversity and our ‘sharp expertise in the field’ gained through many years of working within a wide range of organisations, in multiple sectors, across Europe.

From Ireland to Greece, Spain to Russia, Sweden to Italy we work with our clients, exploring the challenges they/you are facing, discussing how we at ORD Consultants can help you bring about the change that will make a difference to your success.

International Presence • Relational Approach • Business Focused • Trusted Partners • Leading Edge